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Feb 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
numbers. on the technical side is the managing partner at bell point. on the fundamental point it's steve cortes founder of veracruz and cnbc contributor. did i read this correctly, you shorted disney? >> listen, it's not easy to fight a stock that has it at an all-time high but this has gotten very frothy. as a disclaimer i have to admit that i took the disney cruise with my kids a few years ago. let me tell you something it was hell on the water. got the norovirus. i would rather have been on the endurance stuck in the ice than on that boat, but aside from that, i do have real world reasons outside of my own experience to fight disney one, a fundamental one and technical one even though i'm supposed to be the fundamental guy. the fundamental reason is falling wages. wage growth is tepid at best in this economy. b of a put a report out that this week with high gasoline prices and falling wages that's a toxic recipe going forward and the second reason, and when i look at apple versus disney, these two stocks until roughly thanksgiving traded very much in unison and we've seen a very we we
Feb 8, 2013 3:00pm EST
'hara with phoenix partners group and on the fundamental side steve cortes with vercruysse. j.c., which about the charts, which indices or which sector would you prefer right now? >> well, bill, i like all equities right now, small, medium and large. a lot of people say equities have gone too far too fast and they are overbought. we remaybe in a rights wedge formation and until you break lower you have to be long. it does not pay to bet against this rally. it continues higher. what's better than the s&p? well, right now small caps are better than the s&p. small caps already broke out of a multi-year ascending triangle, and basically what that is, it's heavy, heavy resistance that was recently penetrated in the 850, 860 area for the russell 2000. strong resistance is a very strong asset to break through, and i don't want to stand in front of this bullet train. i think the momentum is positive and trends are positive and small caps will take us higher. >> steve? >> j.c. in, general the bigger guys one and i think the bigger guy will win in the bat of the index. i don't like the jpmorgan call fo
Feb 7, 2013 3:00pm EST
that this is not steve jobs' apple anymore. that's for sure. >> stock up 2%. big move there on that move. scott, thanks very much. despite the comeback being staged this afternoon among the major averages, we're still on pace for the first week over week loss for those averages this year. josh lipton has more details on that. josh? >>. >> reporter: hey, bill. u.s. stocks on track to finish in the red today, so is this the correction we've been expecting? money managers have been warning of a pullback. even bulls think we could see some consolidation of recent gains. their concerns, one, bullish sentiment is still high at 42.8%, still above its historical average which could be a contrarian sell signal and you should take a look at the s&p 500 and the high shars, high field index. also spoke with jason lee of jpmorgan, he's actually watching high yield spreads. he said they widen around the equity selloff. since father 28th they have widened 30 basis point. lee is paying close attention but isn't worried yet. spreads widened at least 50 basis points. and if the major indices finish the market lower they
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3